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H A N D M A D E   B Y   L U C Y L U

Make your own beautiful personalised bunting with these colourful felt bunting letters.


These individually hand-cut felt letters come in 18 different bright colours. Please see bunting letter colour chart image for colours.


Available in two sizes. Small size letters work perfectly with Handmade By LucyLu Bunting Kits! Please see dimensions below for letter sizes.


These bunting letters can be glued or sewn onto bunting flags.


If you need an apostrophe or comma these will not be charged for. However, question marks, exclamation marks, & or +, or heart shapes do count as one letter.


Always choose a letter colour that will stand out against your bunting flag colour. To specify colours please 'Add A Note To Your Order' on the Shop Cart page.



Small size letters measure approximately 5.5cm in height and no more than 5cm in width. These small size letters fit perfectly onto Handmade By LucyLu Bunting Kit Flags.


Large size letters measure approximately 7cm in height and no more than 7cm in width. Large size letters are too big for Handmade By LucyLu Bunting Kit Flags.

Small Size £0.99

Large Size £1.20

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To make your own personalised bunting with a Handmade By LucyLu Bunting Kit click HERE.

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